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These are based on a Google Map of Route 66 alignments and points of interest along The Mother Road. They will help guide you when driving on Route 66 and give some ideas of stops to make along the way. Each map has a .KML file behind it which you can download and use offline or modify to personalize your trip on U.S. 66. The main Google Map of Route 66 is on the first page here: Route 66 map

The first Google map is a collection of various historic and interesting sites that we have visited. Click on the push pin for information about it. Not all locations are still in business.

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The map below is a currently drivable map of U.S. 66 that does not follow any particular alignment. I picked the sections I liked and thought had the most to see or do. Some of the route will have alternate paths to take. You can pick based on attractions or your preference for older alignments. Either will be a fun time for you.

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If you like old bridges then this map is for you. It contains many of our personal favorites. Click on the push pin for more information and even photos of the bridges. Note that some of them are no longer standing. Some have been demolished and replaced. If you want more information about bridges on 66, Jim Ross is the authority on the subject and has an entire book dedicated to it. You can purchase his book on the last page through Amazon. In this map you can click on each push pin and open up a description with photos of many of the bridges. You can also click on the icon in the upper right hand corner to view the map in a full page.

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Travel Resources

Wanting to travel the Mother Road?   Here is a good tool to help you.   I personally carry this with me in addition to my maps on a tablet or phone.  “Route 66: EZ66 GUIDE For Travelers” by Jerry McClanahan. Jerry also keeps an update section on his website so you can have up to date information between each edition.  Handy spiral format, easy to follow and great for staying on Route 66.  If you are passing through Chandler, OK stop and see Jerry’s gallery.   Location is on his website. You can purchase Jerry’s book through a link on the last page and help support this site.

If you are interested in vintage bridges Route 66 has a lot to offer. Do not tour the mother road without the book by Jim Ross; “Route 66 Crossings”. Great pictures, descriptions, historical information and GPS coordinates for each bridge. You can visit his website at the link below. His book is at the Amazon link on the last page.

A great resource for the Route 66 fan is Ron Warnick runs this site, blog and news feed. The site has a lot of information about attractions, motels, and places to dine. It is his news feed that I am addicted to. Sign up and you will get an email with each new post in his blog. They contain current and important news all about Route 66. Visit the site, access the resources and subscribe to the email notifications. You will stay informed about all the news on the route. If you prefer, there is also a Facebook page to follow the news.

A favorite bulletin board discussion site for me used to be They have turn by turn directions and some other resources. Sadly, the GDPR laws in Europe pretty much shut down the discussions. The site is still up but all the bulletin board discussion ended with concerns of obeying privacy laws. They moved the discussions to a Facebook format. Visit there if you want to interact with other Route 66 fans.

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