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These are all books I suggest and have personally reviewed. They are written by authors from Oklahoma. They will help guide you on the various Route 66 alignments including the original and historic ones. The Route 66 alignments can be complicated to follow because they were moved and re-routed over the years. Having a current guide book is important. Get your books well in advance and start planning early. Try to select the portions of the route you most want to see. Then include the side trips and stops along the way. Be sure to break your trip into segments that allow you to see the neon signs that have been restored. It is best to see them at night, so plan your day around which town you will be spending the night in.

You can support this website and these authors by purchasing through the links. I get a very small fee from Amazon that helps with the expense of running this site and it does not add to your cost. Note that I have no advertisements or pop ups. This is a free site run by a fan of Route 66 who is not trying to make money off it. Just need enough to keep the lights on. Thanks!!

Route 66 Alignments

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