Lost Treasures

Some pieces of Route 66 are lost to time. They are lost, forgotten, or destroyed. Regardless, they are missing now. Below are some places I would like to have remembered. There are plenty of books with photos of lost places so I will try to just post the ones I have not seen elsewhere. There is another on the page about Ash Fork. It is a lost piece of road that we discovered.

Tucumcari Nugget

This one started with a 1930 USGS Topo map.  10 miles East of the center of Tucumcari the USGS map shows RT 66 taking a small dip to the South right at a river.  I had a look with an aerial view and there is a faint remain of a road at the place and angle shown in the map.  The images are pretty self explanatory.  Looks like there should be some sign of a crossing at that point.  We stopped here on a trip and there does appear to be cuts made for a roadway.   Mostly visible at the east end.   No signs of construction at the creek so maybe it was a temporary low water crossing?

Downen’s Dairy Hut

The photos below are from a friend of mine. We have an odd parallel in our lives. Danny grew up in El Reno, Oklahoma and I grew up in Los Angeles but spent time at my father’s motel in Ash Fork, AZ. Danny’s father built and operated the Dairy Hut on the west side of El Reno. He ran it from 1949 to 1955. But the building is no longer there. So both of our families have a history on the mother road. The fun thing is that the connection goes beyond that. We are both car geeks, enjoy building hot rods and have both owned 1985 Corvettes.