Ash Fork AZ

I have collected several pieces of Ash Fork Route 66 history and have put them together on this page. I will start at my beginning which was Martin’s Motel, built by my father Herb Martin.

Martin’s Motel built in the early 50’s east of Ash Fork. This is the postcard provided for guests.

This may be the earliest photo of the motel. The original wooden sign was replaced by a neon sign by 1956.

The neon sign with me playing at the bottom. Note the tree with seats around it. There were several of them.

After my father sold the property the new owner placed the County Line Cafe and Truck Stop there. The motel is still there.

The motel as it was in about 2018 when I stopped by.

The Sleepy Hollow Motel was our neighbor to the west. It was torn down and nothing remains.

This 1930’s shot of Ash Fork is taken between town and the motel near the junction of Hwy 89. Route 66 is the road on the right. There is a train entering town from the east. That rail line no longer exists.

Here is a zoom in on the train in the picture. You can see the smoke from the steam engine.

Here is the where the rail line on the east of town was located. There are still some remnants of the rail bed that can be seen. The 1930’s photo whould have been taken at about the blue push pin.

On this aerial shot I have overlaid in red the 1930’s Route 66. You can see at the yellow arrow I-40 cutting through but a slight arc of 66 going to the north.

Now look at this close up. You can see the shadow of the arc just above I-40. This is the peak of Ash Fork Hill and what is amazing is that there is still original black top pavement on top of this hill with some center stripes still visible!

In about 1960 I was with my father on a business trip to Ash Fork. He took me to watch the flag stone artist create the image of the thunderbird in this building. I don’t think the building was new then and he may have just been filling in the window openings. At one time this was a bar. It is at 4th and Lewis.